We are passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs build & manage their business

With strategies that are easy to follow and lead to more profitable, sustainable business growth. Our goal is to create a space where creative entrepreneurs can come, connect, and continue to learn about building, managing, and scaling their business.

More than that, we're excited to be launching this new community for connection — a place to nurture your life and business. A community where you can build authentic friendships with other creative startup business owners that live in the same world of entrepreneurship. Elena, the founder has mentored hundreds of creative business owners over the years and is excited to lead this new community.

What's Inside?

Connect with creative startups worldwide and get instant access to exclusive members-only lessons, resources, and opportunities. Best of all this community is 100% FREE for all creative business owners.

  • Community

    Access To Private Facebook Group

    Ever feel like you're doing it all on your own and wish you had a group of fellow creatives you could chat with, bounce ideas off, and learn from? This community is all about creating a space where we can do precisely that. Enjoy working for yourself while connecting with others who are also in the dream chasing business.

  • Lessons

    Business Strategies & Tips

    Monthly articles on various business topics to help you and your business—a library of information, right at your fingertips—everything from social media, sales, marketing, advertising & business management.

  • Resources

    The Best Resources For Your Business

    We're all about sharing our best resources so you can put them to use right away. The creative startup community is filled with serious talent, and we welcome anyone to share resources they have personally created to help others with members within our community.

The Creative Startup Community

Launching Early 2021

“As a business owner, learning never ends. I'm constantly looking for ways to improve the way I'm running my business and stay up to date on the latest tips when it comes to social media. I've been able to apply many of the strategies to my own business. It's amazing to learn directly from someone who's been there and successfully built multiple businesses.”

“I've followed Elena over the years, and being part of her online groups has been so helpful! She's always the first to lend a helping hand, and you can tell that she genuinely wants others to succeed in pursuing her dreams. I'm excited to be part of this new community and continue learning.”

“I've bought tons of guides that promised to make me a rockstar writer, but their one-sentence suggestions still left me feeling like I had no idea what or how much to write. When I found Curated Captions, I thought I'd give it a try. I fell completely in love!!! Being able to copy and paste the captions and then make them my own is so easy. I really love how they are broken up into topics, so I'm not constantly promoting myself but sharing and educating too. I was able to sit down and map out an entire month of IG in no time! I'm no longer dreading the blinking cursor when it comes to captions, and I know my business will benefit from being more consistent on social media.”

“I've taken online courses from Creative Startup HQ and loved how easy they are to follow. Elena breaks down topics in a way that makes sense and is so humble. Her groups are more than just a great hang out, but a place I can get feedback from others, which has been so helpful!”


  • Is Creative Startup HQ free?

    Yes, the community for Creative Startup HQ, monthly articles, resources, and content you'll find within are entirely free for those who sign up. Creative Startup HQ does offer separate done-for-you content memberships and online courses that can be purchased separately.

  • What do you get for joining Creative Startup HQ for free?

    After signing up for free, you'll get access to exclusive members-only articles and resources. We will be adding new content monthly. You'll also get an invite to our private user group on Facebook, where you can personally connect with others and continue being part of our growing community.

  • How did Creative Startup HQ get started?

    Elena, a mother of 4, wife, founder of Modern Market, and Co-Founder of The Essential Studio Manager started her entrepreneurial career as a portrait photographer who quickly discovered per passion for running a business and helping others. After building multiple successful companies, she knew she wanted to form a community where she could share more of her knowledge and create a space for like-minded business owners.

  • When will Creative Startup HQ community be available?

    We are working hard behind the scenes getting everything completed and are planning to open up officially in early 2021. We can't wait to open our doors to our official online community filled with free exclusive members-only articles, resources, and opportunities.

  • I'm interested in the done-for-you monthly captions membership. Can I cancel anytime?

    We're excited to offer a free month to anyone interested in trying our monthly social media caption membership. If for whatever reason, it's not the right fit, you're welcome to cancel anytime.